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Mission: Empowering women to reclaim themselves and ignite their passions beyond “mom”.

Vision: Many women feel consumed by the societal pressures and stigmas that society imposes on us after the transition into motherhood. Due to the lack of pre-natal and post-natal support, as well as lack of paid maternity leave, women are forced to leave their careers to raise their children or return to their workplace before their bodies have had a chance to recover from childbirth. The Mom Net is a network of mothers and organizations aimed at connecting women with the resources they need to thrive in a society that still discriminates against mothers.

The Mom Net is there to empower women at every stage of motherhood. We are here if you are struggling to tell your employer that you are pregnant for fear of losing your job. We are here if you decide to leave to workforce to take care of your new baby. We are here if you are ready to get back into the workforce. We are here if you want to start your own business. We are to help you gain financial stability. We are here if the unthinkable happens. 

Upcoming Events

Cathy Girardeau of CG Coaching is a professional and personal coach with an extensive background in Human Resources. Cathy recently began coaching after leaving her last position in HR, realizing that coaching was the way to go.” As a professional COACH, I could weave my Human Resources Management Toolkit and coaching success principles, structures, and technology to implement the role of success strategist, partner, and personal advocate to my clients.”

Samantha Oughtred, a single mother of two little girls founded SAM+PR, a marketing and Public Relations agency. SAM+PR specializes in helping women start their own businesses through brand development and digital marketing. Sam recently founded The Mom Net whose mission is to empower women to reclaim themselves and ignite their passions beyond “mom”.

Who is this for?

Any mother at any stage in life or motherhood that wants to level-up (or start!) her professional carrer.

What to expect:

  • Discussions on releasing the guilt, creating a life work balance, and figuring out what to do next
  • Resume building
  • Getting your foot in the door
  • Interview tips

What you’ll need:

  • Something to take notes: notebook, tablet, laptop, etc
  • Water


  • Confidence in taking this next step toward your future
  • New friends and support from other moms just like you
  • More opportunities to connect and collaborate

Snacks and drinks provided. Feel free to bring your own as well.

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