What's the plan?

Ok, I am not entirely sure which direction to take this website. I do know it is time for us to come together and support one another.

I have been researching and surveying for several months and the commonality is moms (well, all parents) need support. It really does take a village.

Here we are, in the midst of a true pandemic. The village we had is nearly inaccessible. Our health is at stake. Our jobs are at stake. Everything we know is changing-hopefully for the better.

We need your help to figure out what the exact needs of our communities are. Where do you need help? Where can you give help? What advice to you have to give?

I encourage you to fill out my form. I am using it to compile suggestions and needs to that we can effectively and efficiently figure out where to start. I will not add you to any email correspondence unless you would like me to.

I would also like to invite you to join our Facebook page and follow our Instagram. This is a private group, and you will not be approved without answering a few questions. This is for your safety and privacy.

If you'd like to reach out to me directly, Email me

Thanks and stay healthy!